This is the new home of pup2p, the linux livecd distro derived from Puppy Linux that is aimed at use with the anonymous network I2P. It contains the following I2P related software: I2P, i2pfox, imule and xeepget (needs fixing).

NOTE: To use the SFS file, download Puppy Precise (only one tested currently to work) and put it on a LiveUSB, LiveSD or similar. You can use unetbootn for this. Then boot into it and follow instructions below.

Current Version: pup2p_V5.sfs
This is the current version. Read "HowTo" below.

Current Status: BETA
What does BETA mean? It means pup2p generally works but may have some unresolved/unknown/unexpected bugs.

Download Latest:

* Boot up Precise Puppy. Once loaded reboot and create a save file.
* When creating save file, be sure to leave enough room on media for JRE and Pup2P SFS files.
* Download a JRE sfs file (there is one here) and put it under /mnt/home (be sure you have created a save file before doing this and rebooted)
* Download the pup2p sfs file and put it under /mnt/home
* Reboot Puppy again.
* To start I2P open a console and cd /root/pup2p/i2p && ./starti2p
* To start I2Pfox open a console and cd /root/pup2p/i2pfox && ./i2pfox
* To start iMule open a console and cd /root/pup2p/imule && ./startimule
* To get into I2P IRC open I2Pfox and click the bookmark "IRC Connect"
* You can also drag the starti2p, i2pfox and startimule script to desktop for easier access
* With desktop icons you can right click and set an icon as well.

* Drag the starti2p, i2pfox and startimule scripts to desktop and set an icon (icons included) to make it easier to launch
* Give I2P time to integrate into the network. This can take a couple minutes if it has connected before or up to a half hour if it is your first connection from that I2P install. I2Pfox is set to automatically load I2P router console when it is started. This will allow you to keep up with news updates of I2P and tell when it has become integrated.
* I don't use iMule so don't ask me questions on how to use it. It is included for completeness.
* I2P, use of I2P and I2Pfox and so forth does not promise anonymity. Use common sense and take precautions.

* Include latest Truecrypt
* Include gpg
* Search for and fix further packaging bugs
* Test on Puppy versions other than Precise
* Try to get feedback on what should and should not be included
* Maybe try to get an ISO made

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